14K Oregon Fire Opal Pendant with Chain


This honey comb inspired pendant is custom made and one of a kind from start to finish!

To begin the process I went to southern Oregon and hard rock mined the fire opal from the ground myself. Then I faceted it into a 1.4 carat hexagon.

Once I had the completed stone I was able to design and then hand carve the wax pendant. Once finished shaping, I made a mold and burned the wax out so it could be replaced with 14k yellow gold.
With such a unique statement piece like this, I couldn’t just go buy a pre made chain so  I made a 24” chain in house. I poured a 14k gold ingot and drew it into wire and then made all the links by hand. The S link clasp to close the chain I also hand made.
Now all it needs is a neck to adorn!




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