There is a rich history surrounding coin rings. Many of the first ones were a product of difficult times of war and or economic difficulties. Coins have been made into rings for years, they were sometimes given as wedding bands after World War I and WWII. It is said that these rings were often made in the trenches or on Navy ships at sea by hitting the coin with a large silver spoon several thousand times. I have heard story after story from people that I have met that describe a ring being crafted in prison camps during WWI and WWII, Hooverville shanty towns during the great depression, even on the Atlantic steaming toward an uncertain future on the beaches of France. The coin would be struck for hours until the writing round the edge of the coin had turned 90 degrees. Then the middle would be removed to make the ring. The common theme that I have got from people is the connection to history and family that the ring keeps alive in their minds. I am honored to keep that tradition going; providing high quality pieces of custom made history that you can wear and enjoy for generations.

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