Diamond Studded Gold Pinecone Pendant


This 14k solid gold pinecone pendant was a passion piece for me. It started out as a normal pine cone that I stumbled across while backpacking. I was stunned by the perfection and symmetry in its shape and decided to take it along with me. Then it sat for about a year on my shelf as I looked at it and decided exactly what I wanted it to become. Finally, as I decided on its final design, I ordered VS diamonds in various sizes (it ended up being adorned with  28 VS-1 F-H color diamonds; 1-carat total weight). The end results are just brilliant. It has just enough flash and the spinning bale that hangs on the hand made 24″ 14k gold cable style chain was a perfect touch. Now I offer it up to head off to its new home!

It will be a special piece that stands the test of time no matter where it ends up. This piece also comes with an appraisal ($17,000) from Accurate Gem Labs Inc. In Portland, OR. I have been so grateful that I’ve been able to dedicate my time to bring beautiful things like this into the world. And extremely grateful for those who have supported that passion.




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