The Mint Coin Ring Gallery

Here Are Some Pictures Of Coin Rings That I Have Made Previously. Check Back Often To See What I’ve Been Up To. I am Always Making Custom Orders And If There Is Something That You Are Interested In Please Contact Us With Your Inquiry. The Common Theme That I Have Got From People Is The Connection To History And Family That The Coin Ring Keeps Alive In Their Minds. I Am Honored To Keep That Tradition Going; Providing A High Quality Custom Made Coin Ring That You Can Wear And Enjoy For Generations.

5 thoughts on “The Mint Coin Ring Gallery

  1. From the moment I layed eyes on the ring the has my birth year (1964) I was in love and knew i had to have it…i was so excited when it arrived i opened the package right at my mailbox…i couldn’t wait…it is so beautiful! The size, weight and width is perfecto! I plan on purchasing several more rings as time goes along…thanks so much for this wonderful gift to myself…i will cherish it forever…Amen…may father keep blessing you and your talent for repurposing coins!

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