There is a rich history surrounding coin rings. Many of the first ones were a product of difficult times of war and or economic difficulties. Coins have been made into rings for years, they were sometimes given as wedding bands after World War I and WWII. It is said that these rings were often made in the trenches or on Navy ships at sea by hitting the coin with a large silver spoon several thousand times. I have heard story after story from people that I have met that describe a ring being crafted in prison camps during WWI and WWII, Hooverville shanty towns during the great depression, even on the Atlantic steaming toward an uncertain future on the beaches of France. The coin would be struck for hours until the writing round the edge of the coin had turned 90 degrees. Then the middle would be removed to make the ring. The common theme that I have got from people is the connection to history and family that the ring keeps alive in their minds. I am honored to keep that tradition going; providing high quality pieces of custom made history that you can wear and enjoy for generations.

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  1. We did this very same thing in New Zealand in 1943. I was in the US Marine Corp. The 21st Marine Regt. Was sent to New Zealand in case Japan might try to take the country to cut US supply lines. During training we walked 50 minutes and rest 10 minutes That is when a lot of fellows used a spoon and The New Zealand Florin? which was the size of our half dollar. We used the side of our heels to put the coin on.

  2. Hello,

    I saw one of my Facebook friends shared a link on her wall about your coin rings. They look every interesting. I wear tungsten carbide rings myself.

    I was wondering if I could ordered two rings.

  3. Oh my goodness, when I saw these my heart sunk. It reminded me of my parents, the way they collected and cherished the history behind each one. Unfortunately they were stolen and now only have memories in my head. I would so love to have these and create our own memories!

  4. This is the first time I hear of theses coin
    Rings. What a great thing and idea. My mother always said to me “having a dollar coin with you is good luck”, much better being able to wear it and show it off. Thank
    You for this information…

  5. Wow got mine in the mail today wearing somethig that is over 100 years old and looks brand new is an amazing feeling. Thank you for your wonderful craftmanship. Incredible.

  6. everybody loves my 1962 half. other guys hammer a coin into a ring and you can read any of the wrighting after that, Skyler makes them the right way. watch his youtube’s. fast service too.

  7. I Just got my two rings that I had ordered from 90% silver half dollar coin for my best friend and myself and it’s exactly what I expected. I know my friend will like it as much as i do. Thank you so much. “wow Great job”
    Gilbert M. Pacheco

  8. Skyler, Your Youtube demos are great. I just ordered the 1964 Kennedy half and am looking forward to wearing it. Yours is a terrific idea and I’ll def’ly share with fam. and friends.
    Eric Jensen

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